Must-Have Features For Your Website

Before you commerce a web design and development project, think carefully about the website features to be implemented for your website. Usually before the start of a website development project, a list of technical requirements will be compiled. This serves as a blueprint for the website development. During the website development process, it may be difficult to add in more features due to certain prerequisites and constraints.

Based on the current trends, I will recommend certain must-have features that every websites need to have.

1. Responsive website design

Responsive website design enables the website to be displayed in the optimal format in various types of devices and screens – computers and laptops, tablets, and smart phones. The display size and format of the webpages will change accordingly to suit the size of the display screen. This will allow users to view and navigate the website content easily. In the past, there is only one display size and format (which is the standard computer and laptop webpage display format). Users had a hard time viewing the content on their tablets and smart phones and had to frequently zoom in onto the content to read the words clearly. With responsive website design, users will be shown the words clearly from the start, without having the need to zoom in anymore. User experience will be greatly improved.

2. Social media interactions
A lot of viral content is spreading across social media wildly. If you do not want to miss out the chance for your content to go around resulting in your website to garner attention, then you should include social media interactions inside your website. One way to do this is to give readers the options to share your blog posts on social media. Another way is to promote your social media accounts on your website so that traffic can also be directed to your social media where visitors may find the content in them interesting enough to share it on their social media accounts.

3. Contact form
A contact form is necessary to increase user opt-in rates. Just simply including your email address and phone number on your website is not enough. You will have to make it easier for users to contact you.

Choose a web design company in Singapore

Just like how I will recommend you to choose a seo company in Singapore, if you are looking at purchasing web design services, I will highly recommend you to choose a web design company in Singapore.

It is well known that the workforce in Singapore is highly skilled. There are a lot of capable working professionals in the Information Technology industry in Singapore. Web design companies in Singapore are capable of producing modern websites which will meet both your design and technical requirements. You can easily check out their portfolios by visiting the web design companies’ websites. Personally, I will rate the web design services in Singapore on the world-class level. The quality of websites produced by web design companies in Singapore is comparable to the quality of the websites developed by web design companies in other developed countries such as United States of America and United Kingdom. If you compare to websites developed by companies in developing countries, you can see a stark difference – those websites produced by companies in the developing countries lags far behind the websites developed by web design companies in Singapore in terms of both technical usability and user-friendliness. The only good point about the web design services offer by these web design companies in the developing countries such as India and Philippines is that they are much cheaper.

If you are serious about developing a good website to promote your business online, I am sure you will not sacrifice quality for price. Save the trouble of revamping your website later when you receive a poorly designed website from these overseas companies.

Of course, as mentioned in my previous article, you will get to meet up with representatives of the web design company in Singapore easily whenver you have any doubts. This will speed up the communication process and you can be sure that you will be kept in the loop of the progress throughout the web design project. You need not worry about language or communication barrier with a foreigner as well.

Internet marketing don’t work without a good website

So far, I have been talking about the internet marketing aspects, particularly about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I highlighted the importance of doing internet marketing such as SEO for your business website, touched on why you should choose a SEO company in Singapore instead of an overseas one, gave you some SEO tips for 2016, and advised you on the financial considerations for SEO. Nothing is about website and web design yet. I will start the first web design Singapore and website related topic with this post.

Internet marketing don’t work without a good website. You will only see great results when you have both a good website and a good internet marketing strategy running. The purpose of internet marketing is to generate traffic to your website. You can divert thousands, if not millions of people to your website but if your website is not optimized, the percentage rate of the people converting into leads or paying customers can be really low. There is a marketing term for this optimization of the website – conversion optimization.

Conversion optimization takes into account several factors:
1. Web Design
Web design literally refers to the design of the website. The website needs to look neat and visually appealing to people. Everyone will be turned off by websites which are messy and poorly designed. Some of the things that affect the web design includes structure of website, organization of content, background colors, font colors, and font sizes. The neater and more visually appealing the website is to people, the higher the chance people will stay longer at your website, learning more about what you have to offer to them.

2. Call To Action
Call to action refers to texts that prompt visitors to take specific actions on the website. It could be asking them to submit an inquiry to you, or visit a particular page you really want them to see. It gives your visitors a sense of direction instead of wandering around aimlessly on your website.

3. Website Loading Speed
The longer your website loads, the higher the chance your visitors will close the browser and exit your website. Invest in a good web hosting service. You will need to make sure your website is up almost 100% of the time and the loading speed must be within 3 seconds. Any longer than that will cause you a huge loss of visitors.

Remember that not only you should focus on your internet marketing efforts, website optimization is equally important as well.

How much should you pay for SEO?

If you are reading my internet marketing blog, you will probably agree with me that SEO is one of the must-haves internet marketing tactics for your business website. A lot of people realizes the immense benefits that SEO can bring to your website – massive traffic. However, not a lot of people are financial savvy and do not know how much they should pay for SEO in the highly likely event that they need to outsource the SEO project.

SEO companies in Singapore such as Shark Web Pte Ltd offers SEO services at a modest monthly fee ranging from $100 to $1,00 a month for a keyword. The higher the fee per keyword, the better the terms of the results that they will promise to achieve for your website. Some SEO companies may even guarantee page 1 results for their clients within a certain time period.

So how do you know that it will make sense for your company to purchase their SEO services?

I have a great tip for you to find that out.

All investments are considered good investments if they generate profits for the company. Likewise, treating SEO services as a marketing investment, you will need to reap profits from the marketing efforts. Judge the amount of visitors you can potentially get every month if your keywords are ranked on page 1 of search engines. If you do not know how to estimate that yourself, you can consult your SEO consultant and ask him to provide you with that estimation.

With this information, you can estimate the number of conversions you will be getting from these leads every month. Next, multiply the number of conversions against your product or service price to get your additional monthly revenue. Next, find out the gross profit after accounting for all your operational costs. Finally, you can compare this gross profit with the monthly SEO fees to aid you in your decision on whether to purchase the SEO services. If the gross profit is above the monthly SEO fees, it is advisable that you go forward with the SEO services since the net result will be yielding additional profits for your company taking into account the SEO fees.

Search Engine Optimization 2016 Tips

As the new year 2016 comes, every business owner or website owner would be wanting to know the latest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips for ranking highly in 2016. Here are some SEO tips as shared with us by top Singapore SEO company Shark Web check out their website:

1) Links would be a bigger part of SEO than ever before. However, the emphasis will be on the relevance of the link, and the quality of the website that links to it. Quantity would still matter, but only if everything else is equal between your website and your competitors’.

2) Quality of content will be even more important. However, don’t be mistaken. Good content is not always the same for every business and blog. Let us take a look at two examples. If you are a fashion blogger, then read content which is shareable, interesting and to which people will link to. (E.g. write with the purpose of wanting it to go viral). However, if you own a company, and you beat about the bush on your website, that would be seen by Google as bad content. If you have a corporate website, you don’t want to write stories on it. You want to tell your website visitors about your company, about your services and products and provide a clear and concise contact us page.

3) Social? This is a big question mark among many SEO consultants in Singapore at the moment. This is because although everyone knows that Google will eventually increase the quality of its search engine results by depending on social media signals, they do not seem to have done so thus far. There are still many websites and companies with no social web presence but are still able to rank highly for many years on Google search engine. However, if you want to prepare your website and business for the middle to long term (2 to 5 years), then make sure to buff up your social media presence in case Google increases its emphasis on social media for its SEO algorithm.

Choose a SEO company in Singapore

If you live in Singapore like I do, here’s my second tip for you: Choose a local SEO company Singapore and not an overseas SEO company.

First, let’s talk about and compare the technical expertise of SEO companies originating from different countries. Those SEO companies who are able to rank their websites on the first page of their country search engine are considered to be the top SEO companies in their respective countries. The question is which company will emerge as the strongest company at the global stage. In order to make an accurate judgement of their technical expertise, we will have to analyze the SEO competition in each country. Clearly, the SEO competition present in each country is different. The competition is much fiercer in developed countries such as United States of America and United Kingdom where there is high percentage of their citizens accessing the internet on a daily basis. Additionally, business owners in these countries realized the importance of SEO more and demand for SEO is higher in these countries. With higher demand, competition will naturally increase. Using this logic, by ranking each countries in terms of their SEO competitiveness in order, we can find out which country has higher SEO competition and thus, judged that the SEO companies in these countries will perform better as they emerged victories out of a stronger competitive landscape.

However, is this really important? If you are looking at doing SEO on a global platform (meaning to say that you want your website to be visible on different countries’ and international search engines), then your best bet will be engaging these SEO companies who already thrived at the most competitive landscape. Most of the time, business owners in Singapore will be looking at doing SEO locally only. Hence, choosing a local SEO company in Singapore will be good enough as these SEO companies will be able to help you rank your website onto first page of local search engine like they do.

There are also 2 noticable benefits associated with engaging a local SEO company:

1. It will definitely be safer if you engage a local SEO company as you will be able to meet up with representatives of the company easily whenver you have any doubts. The chances of the company playing out on you is much lower due to easier enforcement of corporate contracts. International corporate contracts are much harder to enforce.

2. There will have little or no language barrier. Talking to a fellow citizen is easy and you will be able to understand each other well. If you talk to a foreigner, you may not be able to communicate well due to the presence of accent and different language culture.

Finding A Reputable SEO Services Company

If you are well updated with internet marketing, you should know one or two about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Bulk of the online traffic goes to the Google Search Engines and social media. If you are able to divert quality traffic from these two sources, you will be able to harvest a lot of money from it. However, most people only knows about the benefits of SEO but do not know how to carry it out effectively. This is when people needs to outsource the seo work to a reputable SEO services Singapore company.

The thing about SEO is that all the efforts will be judged by the search engine since day one. Your SEO efforts should be consistently strong in order to rank well on the search engines over time. If your efforts are not consistent, the results will not be good. Hence, it is well known that SEO is a long term internet marketing effort. You will only yield good results after a long period of time which is usually about a year later. Despite this long waiting time to see results, due to the massive traffic that SEO can generate for the website owners, many are willing to invest time and money on it.

Finding a reputable SEO services Singapore company is the first step. It is easy to find good SEO companies in the market. You can simply just search for them via Google. This logic is simple – the SEO company which has managed to rank top on Google proved that it is able to beat all its competitors. For instance, SEO Works is a SEO company that ranks top in Google Search Engine for seo-related keywords. This is no ordinary feat and shows its credibility. If you want to be sure that the SEO company is able to sustain its SEO results, simply wait for a few months and check for the SEO company’s own website ranking on Google.