Internet marketing Doesn’t Work Without a Good Website

Internet marketing doesn’t work without a good website. You will only see great results when you have both a good website and a good internet marketing strategy running. The purpose of internet marketing is to generate traffic to your website. You can divert thousands, if not millions of people to your website but if your website is not optimized, the percentage rate of the people converting into leads or paying customers can be really low. There is a marketing term for this optimization of the website – conversion optimization. If your web hosting is up for renewal soon, take a look at this website for discounts on renewals.

Conversion optimization takes into account several factors:

1. Web Design
Web design literally refers to the design of the website. The website needs to look neat and visually appealing to people. Everyone will be turned off by websites which are messy and poorly designed. Some of the things that affect the web design includes structure of website, organization of content, background colors, font colors, and font sizes. The neater and more visually appealing the website is to people, the higher the chance people will stay longer at your website, learning more about what you have to offer to them.

2. Call To Action
Call to action refers to texts that prompt visitors to take specific actions on the website. It could be asking them to submit an inquiry to you, or visit a particular page you really want them to see. It gives your visitors a sense of direction instead of wandering around aimlessly on your website.

3. Website Loading Speed
The longer your website loads, the higher the chance your visitors will close the browser and exit your website. Invest in a good web hosting service. You will need to make sure your website is up almost 100% of the time and the loading speed must be within 3 seconds. Any longer than that will cause you a huge loss of visitors.

Remember that not only you should focus on your internet marketing efforts, website optimization is equally important as well.

Here’s a couple of great websites for testing your internet speeds: