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Must-Have Features For Your Website

December 8, 2016 admin 0
Before you commence a web design and development project, think carefully about the website features to be implemented for your website. Usually before the start of a website development project, a list of technical requirements will be compiled. This serves as a blueprint for the website development. During the website development process, it may be difficult to add in more features due to certain prerequisites and constraints. If you are just getting set up, use this promo code to save 40% off the normal web hosting price with GoDaddy. Based on the current trends, I will recommend certain must-have features that every websites need to have. 1. Responsive website design Responsive website design enables the website to be displayed in the optimal format in various types of devices and screens – computers and laptops, tablets, and smart phones. The display size and format of the webpages will change accordingly to suit the size of the display screen. This will allow users to view and navigate the website content easily. In the past, there is only one display size and format (which is the standard computer and laptop webpage display format). Users had a hard time viewing the content on their…